Wester-Amstel's jazz concerts continue to captivate and inspire

New concert! Sunday 3 December with Dasha Beets

Our next concert takes place 3 December and features singer Dasha Beets. She combines European classical music with age-old poetry and American jazz and blues.


Dasha grew up in Ukraine studying classical piano. She continued on to complete a Master’s in Jazz Vocals in The Hague.


Dasha loves the works of Johan Sebastian Bach. With her background in classical music and jazz, she interprets Bach in a new adventurous way. Her programme isn’t called 'Bach Because ...' for nothing.


There are still a few tickets left for her concert via the ticket shop.

Want to find out more about Dasha Beets? Visit her website here . Click here to watch Dasha Beets’ perform her set ‘Bach Because ...'

A recap of Estrella Acosta’s concert on 5 November

The sultry latin jazz of Cuban singer Estrella Acosta and her musical accompanists Jesús Hernandez (guitar) and Jan Luc van Eendenburg (percussion) filled the Park Hall during their sold-out show on Sunday, 5 November. It was an unforgettable afternoon.


We were happy to see many familiar faces there. After all, we plan these events with our friends in mind!


From swaying in their seats to even getting up to dance, attendees embraced the sultry rhythms that floated through the air. To our delight, Estrella even sang a number with Fleurine Verloop – a well-known jazz singer, president of BIM (Professional association of improvising musicians), and the person who organised our concert series.


Will you be joining us on Sunday 3 December to enjoy the musical talents of singer Dasha Beets ? There are still a few tickets left, which you can buy here.

The Wester-Amstel Jazz Agenda 2023/2024

Ticket sales for each concert begin the Monday after the previous concert. You can purchase your tickets here.

By: De Buitenplaats Redactie