The next time you’re at Wester-Amstel, make sure you keep an eye out for all the wonderful creatures (big and small) that call our grounds home. From birds flying back for the summer to butterflies fluttering around our garden to a herd of sheep running from the pasture to the orchard… There’s always something to see!

There’s a new herd in town – the Schoonebeek Heath sheep!

Say hello to Wester-Amstel's newest residents - the Schoonebeek Heath sheep. To find out more about these fluffy creatures and their shepherd Regina Kouprie, click here.


p.s. In the late autumn and winter the sheep are not at Wester-Amstel. They come back once the grass starts growing.

Birds - who's flying by?


​Early in the year, Wester-Amstel is the perfect place to watch birds bickering over ideal nesting places. Not only does an owl call our estate its home, but we even have a family of hawks. 


​From the fields around the park, several species of birds, like geese and storks, take off to go or come back from their southern destinations.

Download here map & bring it with you the next time you visit.

You may be wondering what happened to our beautiful North Holland Blue hens. Unfortunately, they've been on the menu of local birds of prey for a few years now. Our survivors have found shelter at a different location. New chickens will come once we figure out how to protect them properly.