In order to ensure the safety of our visitors & volunteers and to adhere to all COVID-19 restrictions set in place by the national and municipal governments, all events at Wester-Amstel are postponed until further notice.


Wester-Amstel itself will remain open to the public, so you can still enjoy walks through our park & gardens and make use of our benches for a short break… but we do ask that visitors refrain from picnicking or relaxing in the grass and maintain a safe distance (1.5 meters or more) from other visitors.


For the most up-to-date news about Wester-Amstel (including any new COVID-19 measures) please visit & like our Facebook page.

Past Events

Bird & Bat Tour 2019

Date: April 20 || Time: 11:15 || Location: Wester-Amstel


On our Plants Exchange Day 2019 (Saturday 20th of April, 11.00-12.30) we’ll give extra attention to a number of new nesting boxes during our annual ‘Wings Tour’. These are a special gift from bird-lover and Gardner Peter Siebbeles, who got interested in Wester-Amstel after seeing us on the TV program BinnensteBuiten beginning this year. Besides three boxes fit for several species of tits (one of which is already occupied!), he also built a spectacular ‘Bats Apartment’, that now looms over the former Berry Garden.


You can download a ‘pdf’ of the updated Bird Map, if you wish to partake in our tour, starting at 11.15.​

Note: The tour will be in Dutch.


Download a copy of our bird tour map here: