Culture & Sculptures

Wester-Amstel holds the status of "complex historic country estate". Our house, park, tea pavilion and gates are national monuments. If you’ve ever wondered what ‘country house culture’ looks like in the Netherlands, look no further.


The primary layout of our park is shaped by 17th century Dutch Classism. But you’ll notice a strong influency of 18th century landscape design and 'fresh' elements from the 19th, 20th and 21st century.


Our 18th century gate is Rococo and our 19th century tea pavilion is Victorian.


Throughout our park and gardens, you’ll notice beautiful, contemporary garden statues. Each has its own story to tell....

A picture of Wester-Amstel's Victorian Tea Pavillion

Gullivers Jewels

This beautiful series of sculptures was created by Nicole van Buuren.

It includes three giant-sized steel rings with chalk ornaments slowly rising from the earth.


Gullivers Jewels is for sale. For more information, email info@nicolevanbuuren.nl or visit her website nicolevanbuuren.nl.


Najade was made by Richard van der Koppel from acrylic resin. Van der Koppel (1968) trained as a sculptor at the Royal Academy of Art and Design in Den Bosch, where he specialized in sculptures & monuments. The human body is a central element in his work.


The Naiads (Greek ναειν, 'to flow') are water nymphs in Greek mythology, and most likely the daughters of the potamides (the river gods). They’re the personification and guardians of rivers, lakes, swamps, fountains and springs.


For more information about this piece and the artist's work, visit: www.vanderkoppel.nl

Spaanse danseres (Spanish dancer)

Elly de Jong made this sculpture from cor-ten steel. She gets her inspiration from the nearby polder, De Ronde Hoep, where she lives and works. Elly creates her art in an investigative way with various materials, such as steel, stone, wood, glass, bronze porcelain, plastic, epoxy. She hungers for new materials with every piece she creates.


According to admirers, her work has humour, and she’s quite happy with this assessment. Her work, much like her materials and stature, are very diverse, but mainly figurative.


For more information about this piece and the artist's work, visit: www.facebook.com/ellydejongbeelden/