One of our favourite things about Wester-Amstel is all the different gardens located around the house. During your visit you can stop to smell the roses, lose yourself in our fragrant herb garden, or simply relax while observing life in our butterfly garden. The possibilities are endless!


We're especially proud that our grounds are maintained by a wonderful group of volunteers. They make sure that everything is cared for, from the smallest flower to the largest tree!

​Here's a small taste of what's in our paradise... 

Ornamental Garden

Wester-Amstel’s formal garden is an extension of the house's reception room. The current garden layout was created in 1993 in a Dutch Classical style. 


You’ll find apple, pear, and prune trees in this centuries-old orchard. Maybe if you're lucky, you’ll be around during harvest season to buy some delicious fruit. ​

The Stinzentuin

If you visit Wester-Amstel at the right time, you’ll get to see the stinzentuin. It contains a collection of rare bulb plants, which traditionally grow around castles in the north of Holland.

Kitchen Garden

As the name suggests, we use this garden to grow herbs and vegetables. This garden is always changing, and you can be sure that whatever we're growing is going to be delicious.​

Butterfly Garden

Wester-Amstel’s butterfly garden has a wide range of flowers which attract butterflies, bees and other helpful pollinators.

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