In Memoriam of Gustaaf Prast (1933 – 2023), goodbye to our first friend

On 14 October 2023, the first chairman of the Friends of Wester-Amstel Foundation passed away.

Our country estate
In 1989, Groengebied Amstelland acquired a 30-year lease for Wester-Amstel. Following this in 1992, Wester-Amstel welcomed visitors to its grounds during an Open Day. Inspired by what they saw, the visitors were eager to open Wester-Amstel permanently to the public.

By the time 1993 rolled around, a circle of friends was formed with this purpose in mind. Not only did they organise activities around music, prose, and poetry, but they also helped with the maintenance of the park. It was the birth of 'Friends of Wester-Amstel’.

A love for culture, music, and activities
Gustaaf became the chairman and, for many years, he curated the monthly concerts with an unwavering commitment, occasionally orchestrating these melodic gatherings behind the house. Alongside the foundation's other board members and friends, he endeared Wester-Amstel to the people of the region.

He ushered in his tenure as chairman with a Mozart festival in Wester-Amstel’s park. The event was a success, with its poetry route and art market becoming staples at future celebrations.

Unwavering optimism

Even after his retirement from the board, he continued to visit Wester-Amstel with enthusiasm. His cheerfulness and optimism, coupled with his tips and wise advice continuously inspired our volunteers.

The enduring impact Gustaaf left behind was demonstrated by the number of people who came to pay their respects at his funeral on 21 October at Zorgvlied

By: Els Cramer and Gert-Jan Roebersen