Twilight Wester-Amstel

Op zaterdag 25 september gonst Amstelveen een vol etmaal van natuur-, cultuur- en en sport activiteiten. Met ‘Amstelveen in 24Hrs’ ontdekt u alle hoeken van de stad.  Ook Wester-Amstel doet mee! Normaliter is ons park enkel toegankelijk tussen 9:00 en 16:30. Speciaal op deze dag krijgt een select gezelschap de kans om Wester-Amstel te beleven tijdens de schemeruren.

07:00 ‘Ochtendgekwetter’

Reserveer je plek

At 7:00, early-birds and nature lovers are welcome for a tour of the slowly waking park. Two experienced tour guides, volunteers of the Institute for Nature Education (IVN) , will be ready to tour you around. Both know Wester-Amstel and her surroundings like the back of their hand, being able to tell you about everything that is audible or visible. The countless birds are easily located by their early morning twittering. But also the rest of the rich flora and fauna passes in review. They will point your sights on the surrounding meadows and on the river Amstel as well. Above the latter, the sun rises at 7:32. 

Afterwards you will receive a cup of coffee with cake. Then you can chatter with your fellow excursionists about the nature on Wester-Amstel, its place in the Amstelland and the Natuur Netwerk Nederland or the local weather. 

The tour lasts about an hour, a maximum of 16 participants can join, divided into two groups of 8. Please assemble at the gate.


  • A reservation is required. You can 'purchase' a free ticket via this link to bookingsite Biletto: here   Optionally, you can donate a contribution towards Wester-Amstel. You will receive a confirmation via e-mail. Please take this email with you as entrance ticket for the event.
  • There is enough space in the park to keep 1.5 meters distance. 
  • Sturdy shoes for the non-paved paths are recommended. 
  • There are no sanitary facilities available. 
  • In rainy and/or stormy weather, the activities will be cancelled. Participants will by informaed by e-mail.
  • More information about Amstelveen in 24Hrs is found at: www.visitamstelveen.nl/24hrs