Through the eyes of Linda Hartman

A beautiful painting of the park and gardens has found a new home in the hallway at Wester-Amstel. It’s an impression piece by artist Linda Hartman.


Ever since the lockdown began in March, Linda has been painting Amsterdam’s parks. She wanted to share their beauty with people who couldn’t go outside or who wanted to brighten up a boring home office with a beautiful piece of art.

I came across Linda’s work in Het Parool. They published an article showcasing some of her paintings, two of which were of Vondelpark and Oosterpark. Each park is painted from above, so that when you look at it, you can walk through it with your eyes… Almost as if you were really there. According to Linda, almost everyone has a fond memory of a park and all of the magical places within it.


I eventually reached out to Linda and asked her to make a piece for Wester-Amstel. On a beautiful Saturday in the spring, she came by for a tour. And from the stories I told her and her own photos and impressions, I must say, she created a whimsical painting of our park.


Stop by on a Saturday, when we’re working in the park and gardens, and take a look at what she created for us… Who knows, maybe you’ll end up thinking, “Mmm, I want a painting of “my” magical park too!”

Photo R.Spoelstra: 'The park of Wester-Amstel' by Linda Hartman.

By: René Spoelstra