From the gardens of Wester-Amstel

Wester-Amstel’s park and gardens produce a wide range of crops and goods throughout the year. We harvest vegetables, herbs, hard and soft fruits, and even firewood. We’re also really proud to say that we grow everything the old fashioned way, meaning there’s no fertilizers or pesticides involved!

Photo C. de Haan: Soaps, herbs, teas and liqueurs.

Some of what we harvest, thanks to our very talented volunteers, is turned into beautiful Wester-Amstel products. We sell them at events like Amstellanddag and on request. The money we earn goes back into our park and gardens, so that we can make your visit as memorable as possible.


After many years of seeing what the land behind the garden shed was capable of, which included growing things like pumpkins, potatoes and sunflowers… This spring, two new enthusiastic volunteers (whom we interviewed in the spring edition of De Buitenplaats) helped us create an organic vegetable garden. With their guidance, plots were dug, vegetables sown and various projects completed to ensure that everything ran smoothly. But while we kept a vigilant eye over our crops, a few sneaky pests snuck in under our noses in search of some delicious veggies. Hares, snails, and other small creatures feasted on our harvest and some very cute mice managed to gnaw on our beloved carrots!

Luckily for us (and you), there was still enough leftover to make some really wonderful products.

From our vegetable garden, orchard and berry garden we made:

  • Chutneys & jams (sweet & sour): €3/jar
  • Fruit liqueurs: €4/bottle

From our herb garden, we made:

  • Dried herbs: €2/jar
  • Herbal tea: €2.50/bag

From our butterfly garden, we made:

  • Lavender pouches: €1.50/sachet
  • Capers: €2/jar
  • Calendula oil (made from marigolds): €6/bottle
  • Hand Soap: €2.50/bar
  • Seeds: €2/packet
Foto R. Vrielink: Zoet, Zuur, Zaad.

Would you like to buy some of our products? To see what is available and to reserve items for pickup, send an email to tuinen@wester-amstel.nl

Photo T.Blades: Homemade and delicious!
Photo T. Blades: Lavender satchels
Photo S.L.Movig: Fruit liqueurs

By: Carla de Haan