Amstelland Day | 9 June 2024: Will we see you there?

Next Sunday 9 June 2024 (10:00 - 16:00), Wester-Amstel will once again play a pivotal role in Amstelland Day 2024. This event, which is organised by Organised by Stichting Beschermers Amstelland., allows the public to visit and experience more than 50 sites in the Amstelland region. From nature and cultural history to art and food: everything that makes Amstelland so diverse, special, and varied will be covered. This year marks the 16th edition. This year’s theme is 'consciously exercising and eating locally'.

Festive Opening Ceremony
You are welcome to join us beginning at 10:00 for coffee, tea and a delicious cake from Bakker Out . Following this, there will be an official opening ceremony at 10:30. There will be music by the band Toeters en Bellen, and Boeren van Amstel will be there to present a new type of cheese. The entire opening programme can be found here.

Wester-Amstel's programme
As per tradition, there will be sheep shearing at 13:00 and you can get lots of information at the stands of the Historical Society Amstelveen, Friends of Wester-Amstel, Boeren van Amstel and de Beschermers Amstelland.

At 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00 our volunteers will give guided tours of the park and gardens. hey will tell you all about the typical idiosyncrasies of Dutch 'pleasure gardens', including their histories, garden culture, people connected to them from the distant and not-so-distant past, and the special animals that used to call them home. he tours are free, meet at the stable door to the side of the house. The maximum group size is 15 people.

You are welcome from 10:00 onward. The day will conclude at 16:00.

Click here for more information about Amstelland Day 2024.

By: Monique Lindeboom