Jazz at Wester-Amstel becomes a mainstay at our estate

What a great jazz season we had with seven wonderful concerts featuring the crème de la crème of Dutch jazz. We sold out each and every concert, which means that more than 300 people were able to enjoy an afternoon of jazz. 

Who could forget the swing of Ronald Snijders, the lovely vocals of Dasha Beets or Anna Serierse. The Latin sounds of Estrella Acosta, of our event organiser and jazz singer Fleurine, the melancholic harmonica playing of Hermine, or the solid jazz groves of saxophonist Alexander Beets.

After a successful year, we will most certainly be continuing with the Sunday Afternoon Jazz events. Please keep an eye on our newsletters for more information about the start of the new season in September 2024. We organise the concerts in cooperation with BIMpro, the Professional Association of Improvising Musicians.

By: Monique Lindeboom