A peaceful place for brides, grooms and everyone else...

Wester-Amstel has always been a place that bridal parties, big and small, enjoy visiting. Whether it's to get married, to celebrate, or to take pictures. And if we're being honest, it's really quite an honour! Our estate is an idyllic location just begging to be the backdrop for any couple's big day or prenuptial photoshoot.


But while we are used to seeing brides and grooms roaming our grounds… Last spring, we must admit, things got a little out of hand. We're not sure who whispered our name around, but we suddenly went "viral" on the wedding circuit.

Photo E.Tervoort: This bridal couple came by appointment

Our sudden spike in popularity was very noticeable. In the past, one or two bridal parties would show up a week. But now, we were seeing multiple couples every day. With some even arriving with an entire (honking) wedding procession in tow.


It was getting to be a bit too much of a good thing for our peaceful outdoor paradise. So, we had to take action to keep the peace for our visitors, volunteers, tenant, and neighbours.


Therefore, nowadays brides and grooms must ask permission in advance to take photos and pay a small fee. This in turn benefits the maintenance of our gardens and park.


With these measures put in place, the number of visiting bridal parties has been rebalanced. And we can now offer peace of mind to all of our visitors.

By: Taylor Blades