In Memory of Co Meulman

On July 31st, 2020, Co Meulman passed away at the age of 96. Co had been a steadfast friend and garden volunteer at Wester-Amstel since 1993.

During the war, Co helped Jewish people and received the Yad Vashem Award for his actions. For 40 years, Co worked for the Norwegian Railways. This was where he lived with his wife and daughter until his retirement. Later, when he became a widower, he took students into his home. With them, he maintained an active lifestyle and had a chance to pass on his wisdom. At his funeral, two former students expressed how much Co had impacted their lives - with many others in attendance to pay their final respects.

Photo (unknown): Co's 85th.

Co never shied away from large parties. When he turned 85, he rented a large party tent and organized catering to celebrate his big day at Wester-Amstel. He asked his guests to make contributions towards the Stinzentuin, instead of bringing him presents. Even at the age of 95, Co had a big birthday party, which many of Wester-Amstel’s volunteers attended. His 96th and final birthday ‘party’ took place on Saturday, July 11th. He chose to celebrate it with his beloved garden group and was accompanied by his daughter Mela and plenty of pastries to share.

Photo S.L. Movig: The plaque commemorating Co Meulman.
Photo C. de Haan: The Stinzentuin in its full splendour.

We will forever remember Co with a pipe in his hand, inquisitive and full of life. He was a true gentleman, witty, well-spoken and as sharp as a whip. The Stinzentuin brought him so much joy and he poured himself into it for 27 years. He’s commemorated by a sign bearing his name in the garden. We will miss Co and his spirit and we will never forget the energy he brought to Wester-Amstel and our lives.

By: Els Cramer